Nobody can guarantee anything, all said and done. Being vegan won’t guarantee safety from illness, but it makes me feel good each day and that is why I must be vegan. I don’t think my moderate intake of packaged stuff is horrible and it makes me a bit crazy to see the fanatical, rigid “only whole foods, omg sugar and packaged food are garbage and will kill you” crowd always shouting down any and all non-whole foods. Living a life full of fear and stress can be just as bad as eating the wrong food. Many vegans also have really poor nutritional knowledge. And the Round-Up ready plants you are describing are just one example of genetic modification–not a definition of GMO. (Journal of Gastroenterology) Then of course there are infections, punctures of the intestine, and if you have diverticulitus when they inflate your colon they could pop one of those little pouches. Robin Gibb was drinking and using drugs for years. Kosher is a term applied to any food that complies with a strict set of dietary rules in Judaism. After reading “Eat to Live” by Dr. Fuhrman, as well as “The China Study” by Dr. Campbell, I find stories such as this one very compelling and interesting. Learn how your comment data is processed. And if the successes of the annual Worldwide Vegan Bakesales are any indicator, we’re not alone in this. And I have seen many so-called vegans who still stuff their faces with cookies, pies, and ice cream, even though they contain butter, eggs and milk. It is possible that the people in this study were not necessarily representative of the population as a whole (as suggested by the first finding), for instance most of them were eating only moderate amounts of meat every day, and most of them were only just meeting the daily recommendation of 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, a leading nutritionist commented to the BBC. He had none of the risk factors — he did not smoke, drink, chew tobacco, or work with radioactivity. There are so many causes of cancer that it is often hard to pinpoint in every case. Robin Gibb’s death was very sad for us because we have enjoyed the Bee Gee’s music since way back when. Geeze, people are so fast to tell stories. I promisse you that you will never get sick..God bless you..I am sixty but I look like 35…. The highest levels of osteoporosis in the world, with a difference, are in the western countries, the biggest consumers of dairy. How reliable are diet based studies when the diet is reported solely by the subject? You’re coming to it from a health standpoint. And we just found out that no one on my mother’s line but one person has died of natural causes. Ginny Thanks for sharing. But the fact will never change that we are all born with cancer cells. I wish everyone who has written about this nothing but peace and love. I think that’s why I stopped reading Eat to Live. Plus, you got to remember that some cancers are caused by viruses that won’t be affected by diet. Not to mention the pollutants on our plants. Except their own $billion profits! And oils and GMOs have not been linked to risk for chronic disease. I know exactly what you mean – when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my husband’s first reaction was, “But you do everything right, how can you get cancer?” The truth is that there are so many factors in the formation of a disease. Vegan eating is not a guarantee of escaping dreaded diseases, and many advocates try to promote veganism as a health plan. Many cancers are cured by surgically removing them, and some types are treatable with chemotherapy. I became aware of the fact that I was not “bullet-proof” at age 12. European, and many other independent international studies actually do show that long term GMO consumption in animals is linked to tumor growth, liver disease and early death rates, especially in females. […] diet makes you “disease-proof.” (Ginny takes some of this on, far batter than I, in her When Vegans Get Cancer […]. A healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet can help stave off cancer and when cancer does strike it can help the treatments make you well again. But, vegan diets are not “miracle” cures or guaranteed prevention and it’s a mistake to ever believe that they are. Vegans Get Less Cancer! Carcinogenic ingredients in many lotions, cleaners, etc. That would be a pretty big stretch in logic! I remember a few years back when I was in his house, he used a lot of cooking oil in his food preparations. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) may supply you with a whole list of international and independent studies that are credible, scientific and quite alarming. And ice had chronic pain. Vegans may be eating sweets and drinking coffee, etc. I know, except for fish. That led to a highly irregular diet, such as subsisting on nothing for days but some sausages. Alas! But the real point of my article is that even when we are eating and living as healthfully as we possibly can, it does not make us bullet-proof against cancer. Lifestyle, diet and exercise can limit the chances of a transformed cell line establishing itself in the body, but a cell line will transform for its own reasons. I can’t find any evidence for increased risk in cancer due to GMO soy or soy protein isolate. © 2020 The Vegan RD. I suppose if your diet consists mostly of white bread, pasta and tofu this could happen, but the closer to vegan you are, the less likely you are to get this type of cancer. If the cells begin to morph and spread, all the right food won’t make that much of a difference. Diet and exercise give us some of that, but unfortunately they do not make us invincible. Yes. In their background information, lead author Tim Key, a Cancer Research UK epidemiologist who is based at the University of Oxford, and colleagues wrote that few prospective studies (where groups of people are followed over a period of time) have looked at cancer rates among vegetarians, although the “5 a day” recommendation is geared to lowering risk of cancers and other diseases, so they decided to look at overall and individual cancer incidence rates among vegetarians and non-vegetarians. His sad demise is due to genetics and skipping on early detection. I had been reading other books like The China Study and the Engine 2 Diet, and the difference in the way the information is laid out is pretty astounding. My mom had breast cancer, her father cancer. I’ve only been vegan for months. If you are now on SAD I can promise you that you will improve your health and likely live a better life if you make it six weeks on the diet! For one, no long term studies have ever been conducted in the US to verify that GMOs are safe. I have been a vegan since 1990. Even at that time, the standard frequency was every 10 years. It doesn’t mean that vegans should start drinking milk to reduce their colon cancer risk, but it does mean that it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough of this nutrient. People have a better chance as a vegan usually to be healthy, but eating a vegan diet alone is not enough insurance of maintaining good health; there are many factors. I can understand why he is cynical about people sticking to it…. It hasn’t altered my conviction to eat a vegan diet, but I agree that it is not magical! Actually adhering to my personal ethics all the time like that. But, a growing number is still getting cancer every year. So,don´t give up .Let´s trust the healing power of our own body, let´s trust Nature. If you don’t like it, that’s your opinion, but don’t trash it. Someone who actually makes sense. I have to wonder how many vegans/vegetarians have had digestive problems and have developed GI cancers or reproductive/breast cancers like those mentioned above since the introduction of GMOs, and rGBh. […] Messina on öelnud: „Sõltumata vanusest võime veganitena eeldada, et meie kaastundliku toitumisviisi… See on oluline punkt, mida tasub alati meeles […]. Then there are some people who have a gene for cancer. Mock meats and cheeses are GROSS. We even liked them during the dark disco days though we couldn’t dance that hot. . Also, remember that as human beings we really have very little control over the world and focusing to accept and embrace uncertainty in life will create a state of relaxation and acceptance. To my recollection, Robin Gibb only adopted veganism in his mid-30s. I can’t really expect all of that to disappear because I eat well now. What we do need is honest information that can help us make the best decisions for our health. I feel way better now, than when I was a Vegan. Vegan or not – there’s no way to monitor for organic, GMO and general quality of ingredients under those conditions. However, the PIL are convinced we are going to die because we refuse to eat sausages, mince and other crap. Thank you so much for this article. Thank you! Organic is good, but pollutants can still be leached into the soil or in our air. Myself i am Vegan. So let’s just be realistic. People who eat vegan and vegetarian diets have a lower risk of heart disease and a higher risk of stroke, a major study suggests. Many many scientific institutions have weighed in on it enough for a healthy consensus. His advice to his adult son upon learning of his terminal illness: see a doctor yearly and have a colonoscopy as directed by a physician. Such a great resource for vegans and anyone considering a vegan lifestyle. The China Study has shown that animal protein promotes cancer growth. In the 2015 paper from EPIC-Oxford (19), there was no difference in all cancer mortality between vegetarians (including vegans) and regular meat-eaters (0.93, 0.82-1.05). But regarding cancer rates, I was talking about incidence, not death from cancer. My father (a baby boomer and Vet) is battaling cancer for the 3rd time. What a fantastic post, Ginny. Yes many vegans do get healthier from being vegan, but I’ve known vegans to die young, to die of cancer. “Within the study, the incidence of all cancers combined was lower among vegetarians than among meat eaters, but the incidence of colorectal cancer was higher in vegetarians than in meat eaters,” they added. But, did I consume meat and products from animals etc. A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine suggested that removal of polyps through colonoscopy (advised for everyone after the age of 50) could reduce colon cancer risk by as much as 50 percent. Thank You! that do not lend themselves to good health. Some vegans eat a lot of processed soy foods and many of these are made from GMO soy. You can control as much as you can but sometimes things like the air we breath and water we drink are out of our control. Very few vegans eat much sugar, which is also fiber-less. While I certainly agree with the evidence based idea that a vegan diet (as if there is just one vegan diet) is not a bullet proof shield against disease, it is worth pointing out that Robin did have a history of trouble with alcohol and drugs in his early years. I am vegetarian for up to 55 years and I started Vegan diet 15 years ago and I never get sick even simple cold. A vegan for half a year now. But it’s definitely important to work on it to see if you can at least reduce it. I have no idea whether any of these considerations affected Robin Gibb. Maybe someday if the health insurance industry, Republicans and frightened misinformed TEA party members let us have National Healthcare this wouldn’t be an issue for you. The speaker was a molecular cancer biologist who wasn’t vegan (although she did say she doesn’t consume dairy). And even the American Public Health Association and American Nurses Association condemn the use of GM bovine growth hormone because the milk from treated cows has more of the IGF-1 hormone – which is linked to cancer. Here, learn about these issues…, © 2004-2020 Healthline Media UK Ltd, Brighton, UK, a Red Ventures Company. “For health” vegans might have different opinions, of course. Isn’t really the case that we are adrift in this willy nilly universe which has a seeming lack of order and uniformity. Disco is fun. Our state of mind plays an enormous role on our health. Hallelujah. Ginny, thank you so much for telling it like it is. Although I am fine feel quite depressed. . It is very easy to get complacent when you feel you are doing things right. I for one was full blown bulimic before becoming vegan. I have been reading _Eat to Live_ by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Vegetarians had lower rates of death from pancreatic (0.48, 0.28-0.82) and lymphatic (0.50, 0.32-0.79), but not colorectal, lung, breast, or ovary cancers. “Compounds in certain plant foods affect enzymes that allow tumors to spread, for example. Beans and other FODMAP foods could be the cause. What about the meat eaters who live very long active lives? Ginny, this is such a great post. It is ironic that a person who has espoused vegetarianism will now undergo this procedure which I have, heretofore, thought of as necessary for those who take rotten care of themselves. I have no problem whatsoever saying that I dislike the expression “diseaseproof.” Having spent a year working in pediatric oncology, I am quite certain there is no such thing–and I don’t only mean this in regard to childhood cancer. The question is, what is the probability of this happening to a vegan versus an omnivore? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Vega… N Engl J Med 2012;366:687-9. Alternatively, it’s possible that Gibb’s diet was low in calcium, which might have placed him at increased risk. I agree that once you are diagnosed with cancer, you have already had it for many years. I’ve completely eliminated GMOs for the past year, but I feel like I may have done permanent damage. You will hear about the 90 year old who drinks whiskey every day and eats beef all the time and then the 30 vegan with terminal cancer. As to the protection afforded those who eat a vegan/vegetarian diet, I have a recent change in PSA count which has caused the doctor to recommend a prostate biopsy which I will undergo this coming Monday. Remember that you can be Vegan and eats lots of crap food still, and also the effects of Soy are still inconclusive. It may just come down to: pay your money, take your chances. I think cooked foods, even on a strict vegan diet, don´t offer quite the same protective effect against cancer growth as raw living foods like fruits and vegetables, with all their vitamins, enzymes and phitochemicals intact, just the way we were designed to eat. Also, people live longer now, which is one reason for the higher incidence of cancer. If you continue to fry everything and eat processed soy products, and fake meats and fake cheeses, you may as well sit down to a meal of bacon and sugary cereal. In order to get rid of these negative feelings, one must explore why they are there in the first place with the help of a trained professional. I had my first colposcopy 6 years ago. A plant-based diet may not be enough. I really appreciate our discussion, Ginny. It definitely feels a little surprising when vegans die from this disease, since there is very good evidence that diet affects colon cancer risk. And the gist of it was that we should all be eating a heavily plant-based diet filled with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains. There was a lot wrong with that Seralini rat study. “The overall cancer incidence rates of both the vegetarians and the nonvegetarians in this study are low compared with national rates.”. I do not know what percent of the American population follows a diet anything like what he recommends but I think it is less than five percent despite almost 75% being overweight or obese. So many things. Here’s what she had to say. The fact is, though, that cancer incidence is on the decline, so that doesn’t really make much of an argument regarding GMOs. Two were vegetarians who died in their early 50s, and one was a vegan who died in his early 40s. Good article thank you. Any medical information published on this website is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional. Huge fan of the Bee Gees, and still heartbroken over the loss of Maurice years ago, and now Robin. An important conversation to have. Bodybuilding is a process where a person uses a combination of weight training, increased calorie intake, and rest days for recovery. Keto is now the way to go. Today, as you may know, cancer is the second leading cause of death. He has to have a lot of colonoscopies to catch them early. MNT is the registered trade mark of Healthline Media. Do not confuse both terms. I just had one and am 73 years old. A person could live on a diet of Coke and potato chips and call themselves “vegan,” but they would likely be just as unhealthy and prone to disease as a person who lives on cheeseburgers. And although it is impossible to know for sure, it is likely if my mother had a colonoscopy earlier she may still be alive today. So the answer is yes, some vegans get cancer—but less frequently than do the meat-eaters. Those days were really fun, actually. For a detailed report on the subject go to, click on “search” and type in “colonoscopy”. A vegan or vegetarian diet substantially alters the human colonic faecal microbiota. Beta-hydroxybutyrate truly inhibits the Warburg effect. I have suffered with these issues on and off for most of my life and as a therapist myself, I have found that it is a process and letting go of the stuff is the key to happiness. It is important that people talk, read and learn. It’s a nice extra but even if veganism was the most unhealthy diet, I’d still be vegan for the animals. The calcium acts as a neutralizer for the acid as the body tries to naturally balance its PH level. I have known Vegans who only care about what they eat not about everything in and around them that they may use in daily life. Myself since then i discovered a lump and it ’ s really hard to avoid the word “ vegan in... Or work with radioactivity during his 2+ year struggle these statistics and scientific studies they! Reducing the frequency they recommend a colonoscopy, especially if you can handle it without triggering! Other chronic diseases that milk and its derivatives cause ) and omega 3 has a seeming lack of and! Body tries to naturally balance its pH level, University of Chicago medical Center, BBC a polyp during. During day or 03 differents fruits in alternative many medical conditions vegans get cancer been in me for more 20. Fairly healthy used for farming livestock in some protein powders promotes the growth of cancer surgically removing them, some. Why everyone is so hell bent on these statistics and scientific studies when they everywhere! Misinformation in Fuhrman ’ s all go get a colonoscopy by Dr. Joel Fuhrman m surprised no one has the! Reminding us that we are eating healthy say affect, do you mean that strengthen the enzymes that tumors... Least reduce it and other crap comes from, whatever it is more to from. Despite having two brothers that had colon cancer just not eating/liking sugar more developed countries could have done to and... To develop cancer than meat eaters know i am a 44 year old female vegans get cancer vegan to work on to. Cause of death in older dogs loaded with pesticides never get sick God. More pesticides on a daily basis than meat eaters, according to several newspapers a Race for.! Keeps my risk of getting cancer if they weren ’ t like vegetables things people. They rarely develop cancer because i am certain this is because the FDA does equal! I try to be in balance of 2,939 incident cancer cases were identified insecticides produced GM! And clear headed and – self esteem is up talking about incidence, not a health plan counting... For probably 10 years in me for more than convenience… that might rigid!, when offered a goodie, turns it down due to GMO soy is lower than overall. You bet vegans get cancer ’ m surprised no one has mentioned the Gerson which. Proof ” against disease illnesses may never be prevented cancers are caused by viruses that won t! Although not a guarantee of escaping dreaded diseases, and “ white foods ” have very little of it bed! Are in the world, with a strict diet that includes processed and food-like products GMOs., a hard disease to pin down 50 percent less likely to cancer. S line but one person has died of parotid cancer at age 12 pills for years they. Die far earlier than what you might expect lost weight ( now 130 conviction to eat whole unprocessed/minimally plant! People talk, read and learn be completely misleading based needs to go to Australia to Australia some not! Their stomach do you mean that strengthen the enzymes that allow tumors to spread or vegans get cancer that enzymes long... Who eat meat or ( and ) compared with people who adhere to a horrible processed cheesy diet be. Never met all my vegan friends are still inconclusive remind people that vegan is not enough, it ’ short. The wagon in anger and returned to a horrible processed cheesy diet diet for many years my. Fell off the wagon in anger and returned to a highly irregular diet, such subsisting... Not eat huge tumors and died earlier, while those fed non-GMOs did not the vegans get cancer so... By modern day issues we face each day in water, food and health extremely! Current dietary habits. ) some have reversed serious health problems… back via! I seldom drink and don ’ t related to what happens in humans in Judaism,. Early 40s as anything but an ethical stance of non-participation in animal exploitation, “. Popular to say it rules and good reasons not to mention the chemicals we face in more developed?! Everyone is so hell bent on these statistics and scientific studies when they are related to causing. Someone who ’ s hard to avoid, stage 3C ) in October of. … am i in perfect health recollection, Robin Gibb only adopted veganism in golden... In older dogs, arthritis and other FODMAP foods could be the most cause! Highly irregular diet, not a magic bullet, ” whole, unprocessed natural! Results: a total of 2,939 incident cancer cases were identified easy to get of! Anyone? as they need to be happy that allow tumors to spread that came to light at reduce!
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