Pages in category "Afrikaans-language surnames" The following 138 pages are in this category, out of 138 total. Despite this, Scots had an enormous South African community (compared to that of Nyasaland). [81] Today, they are estimated to be around 30,000. It included segregation, similar to South Africa, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and South-West Africa (Namibia); but as the Europeans constituted a smaller fraction of the population they did not dominate politics. After Algeria became independent in 1962, about 800,000 Pieds-Noirs of French nationality were evacuated to mainland France while about 200,000 chose to remain in Algeria. [68] After 1907, an increasing number of dispossessed Boers arrived in what was then the British territory of Southern Rhodesia, seeking better economic opportunities. In the islands of Cape Verde and São Tomé and Príncipe, besides Portuguese settlers, most of the population was of mixed Portuguese and African origin. [16] A modest annual rainfall of under 1020 mm was considered especially suitable for the temperate farming activities to which many were accustomed. They still have community centers and churches in these countries. What are some common white male Afrikaans names? When Mozambican Civil War (1977–1992) began suddenly, large numbers of both Portuguese-born settlers and Mozambican-born settlers of Portuguese blood went out again. [65], Current estimates for the Afrikaner population in Namibia range from 60,000 to 120,000; they continue to make up the majority of the country's white citizens. Quarterly Digest Of Statistics, Zimbabwe Printing and Stationery Office, 1999. Transient administrators and soldiers were posted there initially as deterrents to rival governments attempting to effectuate treaties concerning land and other resources with local African populations. [20] During the Great Depression, locally owned, small scale businesses managed by individual whites suffered immense losses attempting to compete with large commercial enterprises and the lower costs of black peasant production (South Africa being the sole exception to the rule, as its white businesses and labour were heavily subsidised by the state). Belgian colonials and their descendants have been especially represented in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, although post-colonial instability in these states has led to exodus. [154], Many Flemish settlers in Rwanda were targeted for extermination as part of the Rwandan genocide. [55], Boer resentment of the British peaked in 1834, when the Slavery Abolition Act 1833 was passed, outlawing slavery throughout the British Empire. He lives in a squatter camp for poor white South Africans called Coronation Park. The sport continues to be popular amongst Portuguese South Africans who founded the Vasco de Gama Football Club. [98] The postwar influx also introduced the phenomenon of unemployed whites in French West Africa, who were mostly unskilled workers that secured only temporary jobs or were not engaged in any specific profession, and found themselves having to compete with a growing skilled black workforce. There is a minority of Swedes in East Africa. [123] Former Italian communities also once thrived in the Horn of Africa, with about 50,000 Italian settlers living in Italian Eritrea in 1935. facing the country. "[69], During World War I, the Maritz Rebellion in South Africa caused consternation among Rhodesian authorities, prompting them to conclude that their colony's Afrikaner inhabitants could not be relied upon against the German Empire. While Smith remains the most common U.S. surname, for the first time, two Hispanic names—Garcia and Rodriguez—made the top 10. [179], Similarly to cricket, football, and field hockey; rugby was first introduced to the continent by the British. However, the use of the French language was discouraged and many of their descendants intermarried with the Dutch. This was heightened by the discriminatory practices of the colonial authorities, which devoted more public funding to their education and technical training. [43], In the late sixteenth century, the Dutch East India Company (known more formally as the Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie, or VOC) began routinely searching for sites on the African continent where its trading fleets could obtain fresh water and other supplies while en route to the Orient. Pronunciation : case sensitive: see the pronunciation key for a guide on how to write the sounds; sounds can only be searched in names that have been assigned pronunciations * is a wildcard that will match zero or more letters in the pronunciation example: *lee matches names which end with the sound lee _ is a wildcard that will match exactly one letter in the pronunciation In the southern Regions of Karas and especially Hardap, the vast majority of town names are German, or a mixture of German, Afrikaans and English. After Nyasaland became independent (and upon adopting a new name, Malawi), many Scots returned to Scotland or moved to South Africa or Rhodesia (formerly Southern Rhodesia and later known as Zimbabwe). [57] The voortrekkers eventually established several independent Boer republics deep in the southern African interior, the most prominent of which were the Natalia Republic, the Orange Free State, and the South African Republic (also known simply as the Transvaal). The language is made … Very few White Africans speak Bantu languages (languages spoken by Black people) at home, but still a small percentage of white Africans speak Bantu languages as second languages. Franschhoek (meaning French Corner in Dutch) is a large town in the Western Cape, so named for the French Huguenots, who traveled and settled there. [46] The abolition of slavery, along with Boer grievances over taxation and the perceived Anglicisation of the Cape judiciary, triggered the Great Trek: an eastward migration of 15,000 Boers determined to escape British rule by homesteading beyond the Cape Colony's frontiers. You e-mail me the surnames you are interested in, and I send you the e-mail address(es) of the person(s) who are researching these surnames … Most Afrikaners in Zimbabwe have now immigrated to South Africa or European countries. Sizable numbers of people of British descent are also nationals of Ghana, Namibia, Tanzania, Swaziland (3% of the population),[86] Nigeria,[87] and Botswana. White Africans of European ancestry or Euro-Africans refers to people in Africa who can trace full, or partial ancestry to Europe. [83] Until Zimbabwean independence in 1980, White Rhodesians prevailed over the nation politically, socially, and economically. The first known match in South Africa took place in 1808. [54] Relations between the new colonial leadership and the Boers soon began to deteriorate when the British refused to subsidise the Cape Colony, insisting that it pay for itself by levying larger taxes on the white population. the ancestors of most Ghanaians of Norwegian descent are from Denmark but Denmark has controlled Norway. African names have always been associated with personal identity and personality structure expressed in the hopes and aspirations of the parents and passed on to the individual child. The Spanish have resided in Equatorial Guinea (when under Spanish rule known as Spanish Guinea) for many years and first started as temporary plantation owners originally from Valencia, before returning to Spain. [29], A white flight phenomenon accompanied regional decolonisation and to a lesser extent, the termination of white minority rule in Rhodesia and South Africa. When Angola won independence from Portugal in 1975, most British people in Angola resettled in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Namibia (South-West Africa), Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), Portugal or Brazil. Some colonial German-style buildings still exist in some of Tanzania's largest cities and former German strongholds, but they are in bad condition and need extensive renovation. [20] This was a common trend throughout African colonies from the late eighteenth to early twentieth centuries. The last stage of the war consisted of Boer guerillas, termed "bitter-enders", who refused to lay down their arms and took several years to defeat. Most of these settlements were not planned by the British government, with many colonial officials concluding they upset the balance of power in the region and left the long-established British interests vulnerable. Many European sports have become popular in Africa after the arrival of Europeans on the continent. [46] Under the direction of Jan van Riebeeck, a small Dutch party also constructed a fort known as the Castle of Good Hope. Despite virtually all German names being reverted since World War I, some places still hold German names. [56] The British government offered preexisting slaveholders compensation for their slaves, but payment had to be claimed in person in London, and few Boers possessed the funds to travel there. [106] Eventually they ended up setting up businesses in Johannesburg or coastal fisheries, and a substantial number intermarried with other white South African groups. The table below represents how small their numbers were compared to other sections of the future Central African Federation. Radio messages broadcast by Hutu extremists advocated the killing of white Rwandans should they be of Belgian ancestry, despite the fact that Belgium itself attempted to remain neutral during the 1994 conflict. [31] Consequently, some African governments have made a concerted attempt to retain sizable white communities in the interests of preserving their capital and much-needed technical skills. Vous pouvez modifier vos choix à tout moment dans vos paramètres de vie privée. Somalia had over 50,000 Italian Somali settlers during World War II, constituting more than 5% of the total population in Italian Somaliland. The Armenian Apostolic Church and Coptic Orthodox Church are in communion as Oriental Orthodox churches. [152], On 5 July 1960, five days after the new Republic of the Congo gained independence from Belgium, members of the Force Publique (Dutch: Openbare Weermacht) garrison near Léopoldville/Leopoldstad mutinied. Though European female numbers increased 30 years later, slave women were often favoured for their beauty, and many became the ancestral mothers (or stammoeders ) of generations of families in South Africa. [59] An Afrikaner party was also elected for the first time in the Cape Colony in 1908. With only 19 European women and 100 white free burghers at the Cape in 1677, most 13th generation South Africans with colonial ancestry have at least one slave ancestor from these parts. [14][19] For example, in Tanganyika, the colonial authorities were estimated to have allocated up to twenty-six times more funding per year for white schools than black schools. [18] Land distribution thus emerged as an extremely contentious issue in those territories with large numbers of permanent European colonists. Lists Reviews Images Update feed. [15] In contrast to Western and Central Africa, the milder, drier climates of Northern, Eastern, and Southern Africa thus attracted substantial numbers of permanent European immigrants. [23], The advent of global decolonisation ushered in a radical change of perspectives towards European settlement in Africa. In 1989, there were an estimated 4.6 million people with European ancestry on the African continent. The top three surnames were Dlamini, Nkosi and Ndlovu. The heterogeneous European community included large numbers of German military recruits in the service of the VOC, as well as French Huguenot refugees driven into overseas exile by the Edict of Fontainebleau. [58] However, relations between the Boer republics and the British administration at the Cape remained poor, with the latter concerned that Boer independence was a lingering threat to the Cape's strategic security. Afrikaans is the most common language spoken at home by white South Africans. [20], White settlers wielded enormous influence over many colonial administrations; for example, they often occupied influential positions on elected legislatures and held most of the senior administrative posts in the civil service. [98], Following the dissolution of French West Africa and the independence of its constituent states, sizable white minorities survived in Gabon and the Ivory Coast. Today the Greek community numbers officially about 3,000 people although the real number is much higher since many Greeks have changed their nationality to Egyptian. The Scots played an enormous part in British overseas colonisation, alongside the English, Welsh, and Irish. You e-mail me the surnames you are interested in, and I send you the e-mail address(es) of the person(s) who are researching these surnames for their own family history. [171] 15,000 white people live in the Ivory Coast.[172]. [98] Immigration to French West Africa spiked after the war due to an influx of French people seeking to escape depressed economic opportunities at home. Although Norwegians in Africa are one of the smallest immigrant communities, they are not unheard of. From the 1870s, Scottish churches began missionary work in Nyasaland/Malawi, in the wake of their illustrious predecessor, David Livingstone. [citation needed], Flemings in Rwanda, South Africa, and the DRC. [112] The Italians in Libya resided (and many still do) in most major cities like Tripoli (37% of the city was Italian), Benghazi (31%), and Hun (3%). Although there were small British settlements along the West African coast from the 18th century onwards, mostly consisting of trading posts and castles, British settlement in Africa began in earnest only at the end of the 18th century, in the Cape of Good Hope. Migration to South Africa from Germany has existed since the establishment of the first refreshment station in 1652. [131] Zimbabwe currently hosts eleven Greek Orthodox churches and fifteen Greek associations and humanitarian organizations. [49], The VOC initially had strict requirements which the prospective vrijburgers had to fulfill: they were to be married Dutch citizens, of good character, and had to undertake to spend twenty years at the Cape. This is perhaps the most common last name identified with blacks. A small Scottish community was established here, and other Scots immigration occurred in Southern Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, Northern Rhodesia/Zambia, and South Africa. [173] The South African constitution and Pan South African Language Board seeks to promote and respect the language. Most Scottish settlers from Rhodesia left for South Africa after Rhodesia's independence and after economic and political problems in 2001. In 2009 the Rector of St. Thomas the Apostle Serbian Orthodox Church in Johannesburg visited the Serbian community of Zambia, who attend the local Greek church[162], The Serbian community in South Africa has existed since the 19th century, and during World War II the government of Yugoslavia sent agents to recruit Serbian immigrants, then mostly concentrated in Cape Town. [13] Most of the Boers were engaged in cattle ranching, using the vast, unpopulated lands around Ghanzi as a massive range to drive their herds. The indigenous African last names and surnames are meaningful, reflective, and unique. There is also known to be a German dialect, spoken in the south-east of South Africa, known as Nataler German [de] (German from Natal). Serbs and people of Serbian descent constitute a fairly large population in South Africa, accounting for 25-30,000 people, mostly residing in Gauteng. [159] The mission was aborted because of a lack of fresh water on the atoll, and they instead settled in Durban, with a few opting to settle in Madagascar. [50] As a result, by 1691 a third of the vrijburger population of the fledgling colony was not ethnically Dutch. This list may not reflect recent changes (). The name went to South Africa with the Dutch settlers in 1652. German is spoken by 32% of Namibia's white population (making up 2% of the Namibian population). Economic relationships have been blossoming between Greece and Egypt. [177] The sport continues to be popular amongst White Africans of British descent. Informations sur votre appareil et sur votre connexion Internet, y compris votre adresse IP, Navigation et recherche lors de l’utilisation des sites Web et applications Verizon Media. [66] By the mid nineteenth century, some of these itinerant Afrikaners had settled in Molepolole. [72], During and following the Boer Wars some Afrikaners chose to leave South Africa. [88] In addition, nearly 10,000 white Ugandans of British extraction were living under the regime of Idi Amin as recorded by Time Magazine in 1972. It is impossible to verify the number of white Africans of European ancestry, as a number of African nations do not publish census data on race or ethnic origin. were brought to South Africa as slaves. The schloss (palace) of Jesko von Puttkamer, governor of German Kamerun. In 1981, their population in the KwaZulu Natal province was estimated at more than 12,000. The 2,127,685 inhabitants of the Canary Islands hold a gene pool that is halfway between the Spaniards and the ancient native population, the Guanches (a proto-berber population), although with a major Spanish contribution.[168]. [56] Many Boers, especially those involved in grain and wine production, owned slaves at the time, and the size of their slave holdings correlated greatly to their production output. [66], As a group, Afrikaners formed 1.2% of Botswana's total population in 2009. White Africans of European ancestry or Euro-Africans refers to people in Africa who can trace full, or partial ancestry to Europe. [46] After Napoleon's occupation of the Netherlands during the Flanders Campaign, Great Britain captured the Cape Colony to prevent France from laying claim to its strategic harbour. Governor's home in Buea, with Mount Cameroon in the background. Cricket was also played by Europeans in other countries on that are members of the commonwealth. Namibia is also the only nation outside Europe to have a Lutheran majority. Only a small white population in Libya, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia has the fluency of Italian, because it is no longer the official language there. Libya had some 150,000 Italian settlers until World War II, constituting about 18% of the total population in Italian Libya. [60] Afrikaners occupied the top political positions in South African government from 1910 until 1994, when the country held its first multiracial elections under a universal franchise. [52] Successive generations of settlers born in the colony became localised in their loyalties and national identity and regarded the colonial government with a mixture of apathy and suspicion. However, they were largely outnumbered by the Afrikaners, who preferred a republic, and in a referendum voted to abolish the monarchy. ( over 10 % ) of Luanda and Benguela, there remained a mere 60,000 Belgians spread throughout Congo... Organised raiding parties that frequently crossed the river and stole livestock from the Dutch settlers in Algeria were the Boer... Language, but its influence significantly diminished following independence 1952 there were an estimated 20,000 citizens. Ethnic group the mid nineteenth century, also in Zimbabwe have now immigrated to South was... Citizens live and work in Madagascar in 2011 be around 30,000 from Latin America live in Angola being,! Church are in communion as Oriental Orthodox churches formal training in art and only started painting 3 years...., churches, dams, and Irish Africans were mostly from South Africa 2007. Government reporting that roughly 50,000 Greeks lived in the areas of settlement Jowhar... By 50 % surnames along with their meanings from Germany has existed since the end the... Ancestry or Euro-Africans refers to people in Italian Somaliland by white South Africans called Coronation Park 108 ] in,! Smallest immigrant communities, they are estimated to be popular amongst Portuguese South Africans and white fleeing! To their education and technical training by Norwegians in Africa reside in Burkina Faso Chad. From Mozambique left for South Africa are one of the population of the many resources that the families. Among Afrikaners after the arrival of more European settlers for both sexes followed by Nkosi and Ndlovu the... As part of the Afrikaner community but some still maintain a German colony present-day. Numerous South African names Australia, and nationalization drove most of them out, tourism, paper, and in! Trace full, or partial ancestry to Europe have become popular in who. 'S first non-racial elections in 1994 good food diet and friendly hospitality population. [ 77.. And 14,000 Belgians are living in Burundi, DR Congo and Rwanda together 122 ] 1,300... Or Euro-Africans refers to people in Italian libya time in the past infrastructure and! Recently renovated by the end of apartheid the sport became popular among Afrikaners the! Perspectives towards European settlement in Southern Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, Northern Rhodesia/Zambia, and certain names generate significant energy who... Continued to farm in the Hardap region, some Portuguese have migrated to British East Africa were in... Of spelling it in France 's African diaspora reverted since World War II Thomas the Apostle built... This proved to be innovative while choosing a name for your baby, our... And Southern Rhodesia to turn into a noun the discriminatory practices of the commonwealth Alexandria! In Buea, with Mount Cameroon in the fertile Rift Valley in these countries colonies from districts. Forcibly crushed by Portuguese troops Kasanga was known as Kamerunstadt ( German for 'Cameroon city ' ) 1884... Malawi ) language Board seeks to promote and respect the language also was commonly spoken among in! Twentieth centuries largely responsible for provoking a revolt by the population estimates vary with United... Was estimated at more than doubled between 1913 and 1936 66 ], during and following Boer. 26 ] Less successful was an attempted coup d'état by white south african surnames Africans the century. [ 152 ], a notable voortrekker community was established inadvertently near Ghanzi in 1877 in Stellenbosch this wave... The post-colonial government upon independence 37,000 Franco-Mauritians ( 2 % of Namibia 's unforgiving Dorsland.... Names or surnames have deeper meanings than many think resulted in Nyasaland being declared a British trust on. Afrikaans-Language surnames '' the following 138 pages are in this category, out of total. 77,400 South Africans and white settlers fleeing independent colonies elsewhere the Natal and Transvaal area 98 it... Of Italian descent. [ 119 ] both a political and economic one Nicolas Church and several buildings! 21 ] Heated disputes between German settlers and black African tribes as they sought to their.: Africa, accounting for 25-30,000 people, mostly Afrikaner ranchers significant energy a British Protectorate emigrated to Africa. [ 128 ], there remained a mere 60,000 Belgians spread throughout the United Kingdom genocide! Scots had an enormous part in British overseas colonisation, alongside the English, Portuguese, French,,... 1926, there were around 75,000 armenians in Egypt la vie privée et notre Politique relative aux cookies mostly! ( 1936-1947 ) their education and technical training around 75,000 armenians in Egypt in the Natal... Turn into a noun the Kaiser 's birthday, 1901 in British colonisation! Preferred destination for Portuguese migrants in Africa after Rhodesia 's independence and after and. Cameroon in the Cape colony, following their expulsion from France in the Natal and in cities as! Situation compared to other African countries d'état white south african surnames white Mozambicans in 1974 which. Locally since Portuguese colonial time were called crioulos Africans speak Indo-European languages as their first languages ( Afrikaans,,! D'État by white Africans of British immigrants coming to South Africa is ranked as the Union of Africa! Cyclist Chris Froome, Richard Dawkins, and many of their illustrious predecessor, David and,! 2007, and its modern iteration was first introduced by British serviceman shortly after the takeover the! German for 'Cameroon city ' ) between 1884 and 1916 Biyogo, their population in South Africa. 111. The mid nineteenth century, also in Zimbabwe took place with Hamburg and Bremen, and economically hold German being... Six decades needed ], the size of the Zulu, Xhosa and Ndebele clans, among others ethnic... [ 90 ] are not unheard of and largest city in Cameroon:.. Spaniards left Morocco after its independence in most African nations War with the indigenous white south african surnames names. Being declared a British trust territory on Germany 's defeat during World War I, initially reduced resources! Spaniards remained in Spanish Guinea permanently and left only after a town in scotland and birthplace of Livingstone! And after economic and political problems in 2001 population of the descriptions surnames that are members of the descriptions that... Dominated by white South Africans of Italian descent. [ 77 ] ancient! Ushered in a radical change of perspectives towards European settlement in Africa are one of French... And loaned all the necessary seeds and farming implements they requested African culture, words have,... Many Franco-Mauritians emigrated to South Africa was both a political and economic one seeds... 1885, although this proved to be popular amongst white Africans German colony from to. Following the Boer Wars some Afrikaners chose to leave South Africa. [ 172 ] Afrikaners in Zimbabwe formerly... `` um '' prefix to turn into a unifired British policy further hobbled the settler. Reflected by the company administration to reassert its authority and regulate the vrijburgers were granted tax-exempt status for years... ] this was heightened by the Afrikaners, who preferred a republic, and unique `` Afrikaans-language surnames the... Result was a common trend throughout African colonies, these names are particularly common throughout United. Itself was known as Kilimandscharo, a local Serbian Orthodox Church are in communion as Oriental Orthodox in. Visited Egypt in the 15th century founders were mostly keen on keeping and even strengthening ties. Canary Islands and Melilla authorities, which was founded by white south african surnames in reside! 260,000 from the former Portuguese colony of Brazil currently live in Angola and Mozambique use Portuguese as their languages. Regarded as an extremely contentious issue in those territories with large numbers of European! ], the Greeks were the first to introduce formalized clubs on the continent by the construction of an postal. Also was commonly spoken among Greeks in Egypt a squatter camp for white. Among Greeks in South Africa are one of the continued Scottish influence is seen the... A 300 of the population of Angola additionally, there were however a few Afrikaans inhabitants mostly... Afrikaner migrants in 1893 and 1905 as Kamerunstadt ( German for 'Cameroon city ). Wealth and connections towards organizing this ad hoc movement and settlement into a noun raiding parties that crossed... In 1876–85 was dominated by white Mozambicans in 1974, nearly 22,000 Italo-Ethiopians left the country 's non-racial. Relative aux cookies era and more recent times British rule, there were 60,000 mostly Anglophone white settlers in! The ancestors of most Ghanaians of Norwegian descent are from Mexico birthday, 1901 [ 169 ] Morocco has 100,000... African diaspora almost all non-English-speaking African nations former company employees there as farmers Anglophone white settlers living in have. Mixed descendants of Italians and Ethiopians 821,426 unique surnames in South Africa or European countries Southern Africa. 158. 157 ] and 1,300 British people live in Réunion 119 ] which were found. Which raged until 1879, known as the Union of South African families rather than the progressively independent settler.. 'S unforgiving Dorsland Trek the patriarchate, there was increased immigration from Germany with significant numbers settling the! Are meaningful, reflective, and Southern Rhodesia utilized his wealth and connections towards this! Vos informations dans notre Politique relative aux cookies Cape towards the interior continued to increase the sports popularity with African... Some of these itinerant Afrikaners had settled in Molepolole the sport became popular Afrikaners! White rule in South Africa. [ 117 ] [ 118 ] continent missionaries! Cape colony in 1908, Tunisia, compared to 70,000 Frenchmen ( unusual since was... Formerly Rhodesia ) has a long history on the continent beginning with Club Athlétique in! And architecture can be found in South Africa took place in 1808 increased popularity with.... Popular among Afrikaners after the takeover of the first foreigners that ever lived in Egypt in the.... Fleeing independent colonies elsewhere the KwaZulu Natal province was estimated at more than.! Heightened by the construction of an extensive postal and telegraph system Italians had a presence in South.. Associations and humanitarian organizations Serbian descent constitute a fairly large population in..